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Why education is important to me

I have not been missing I promise.  I simply have been busy with life and have made the decision to earn my Bachelors Degree in Photography.  This has been a long hard process for me, so many people make it work with simple talent and passion.  I don’t lack in either area but I am certainly struggling.  I want to make sure that when I tell a client to do something that I know WHY they are doing something instead of “well, I saw it on Pinterest”.  I also think that there is value in having an education.  If I, as a client, am going to spend a large amount of money on the most important event of my life for a photographer, they darn well better know what they are doing.  I know others can move forward without this but for me I feel more comfortable knowing that I am giving my client the very best I have.  I have read countless articles where I feel the photographer tells others they do not need a formal education to do well at photography, and for many this is true.  I, however, feel there is something to be said about proper training.  I wouldn’t expect a chef at a restaurant to simply be self taught, although there are some who are amazing I am sure.  Most of us need a lot of training to perfect what we do, know the rules and how to ensure an amazing result each and every time.   I am excited about this journey and will keep you along for the ride!



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What a ham!

In January I was able to do photos of my niece and nephews as they were visiting.  It was so fun, I loved the outdoor photos the best!  The baby, my nephew William, made the most awesome faces.  I just had to share them with you today!



The siblings with a sun flare. I think William was finished…



Big brother Dennis kept photo-bombing his siblings, it cracked me up.


He made the most AWESOME faces, I especially love that first one. Watch out for his mean look!


Here are the rest of the kids to prove they weren’t all silly!


He makes the best faces here, almost like “oh, how long have you been there?” followed by “mom, are we done yet?”


I have many other images to show you as I continue working on my website, I’m excited to show you what I have been up to!

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Congrats to Mr and Mrs M!

I recently was able to photograph the wedding for the “M” family and was so thrilled.  My mom and the bride’s mom actually grew up together, small world!  It was a beautiful day and the bride and groom were adorable.  We had a few glitches but nothing we couldn’t handle!  :)  Thanks for allowing me to be part of your day Scott and Tabitha, I wish you many years of happiness!



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What do you do when you photograph a sweet couple only to find out that they broke up?  I was in this situation recently, it was my own brother in fact and we had shot their engagement photo session.  We had a blast and I was so happy to share them.  Needless to say the wedding to be will no longer happen and they both are moving on with their lives, separately of course.  It has been a huge conflict and lead me to wonder what most people do, leave it up or take it down?  I have respected their privacy for now and removed the images (in case you think I was being shy or something).  If I do get permission I will return them as well as some of the other images but time will tell.  Off to edit some more cutie pies. :)



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