Mr and Mrs Ixcoy

I was given the honor of flying out to Texas in June to photograph this beautiful couple's wedding ceremony and reception.  It doesn't hurt that we have known the bride since she was tiny (she is our niece).  It was even more special to see their daughter and son be included in so much of the wedding.  And look at the groomsmen, they look like secret services (it was awesome!)  My husband was my second shooter and we had a total blast photographing their special day.  Thank you to both of them for having us come out and be part of the celebration!



Walk Through Part 1- Contact for portrait session inquiry

It can be daunting to know where to start and where to go from there when setting up a portait session so I wanted to walk you through it (although I still do this in person so don't panic!  There isn't a test!) 

The first, and sometimes most important, is the contact.  Once a contact form is filled out and submitted there will be a price sheet sent to the email provided.  This shows you exactly what to expect and from there we can set up an in person or on phone consultation. 

During the consultation there is a deposit fee due at $175.  This is non-refundable BUT is credited to your account for purchases following the session.  This amount saves your date for your session, ensuring that the staff will be ready for you that day.

We sign all important contracts, go over what the session will be like, and even discuss how you want to look for your photos.  All questions are answered so bring anyone who may need to be there for important decision making to this consultation. 

This is where we get to set dreams free and decide where we want to take the photo session, the sky is the limit!

What's in a name?

I am often asked the question "why the name Yellow Canary Photography?"  I know the name may seem odd to some who might assume that I am a pet photographer but there is meaning behind my business name.  When trying to find something I liked (because Anderson is quite common) I was trying to think of things that I like.  I thought of my Great Grandma who used to have this crazy, bright yellow, happy face cookie jar and how it fit her spunky personality.  I like the color yellow and think it is a happy and fun color without being overpowering.  I then thought that the name Canary went with it well and I had the instant image of the logo, colors, the entire package of what I envisioned this to be.  I wanted vintage and subtle items in my studio space and knew it would go well with my style of luxury photo sessions.  So that is the meaning behind my business name, it is a nod to my Great Grandma who passed away several years ago.