How does this work?

Step 1: Consultation

We set up a personal consultation (whether in person or online).  This is where you bring any questions you may have and we review the process.  We also decide what you may need for your photo session and ensure the direction is what you are looking for.  Need help with clothing or styling?  We are happy to assist!


Step 2: Photo Session

The day of your session arrives!  Whether we bring in our hair and makeup specialist or simply go with a more natural approach this day is for you.  I will guide you in each pose and make sure the best you shows in your photos.  We want you comfortable and confidant!


Step 3:  Reveal

After your photo-shoot we will set up a day for you to return and view your finished images.  During this time you will choose your favorites.  Any images purchased will be given to you in digital format in order to allow you to use it in marketing and promotional pieces as needed.

Why Portraiture?

Portraiture is not just the traditional sit in front of the camera and make a happy image.  Instead it is about posing, styling, makeup and hair, anything we can do to make our client look and feel amazing.  This can sound scary but the best part is that we know what we are doing!  Our job is to know how to pose you to make you look the most amazing you have ever looked!  Unlike personal branding, this is a more immersive experience.

What is Fine Art?

Fine Art is more intense than our normal portrait session.  This is when the client comes with an idea they have always wanted to create, whether on location or we build a set from scratch.  Sometimes this results in digital world being created to bring fantasy into reality.  This takes a lot more work and effort but the outcome is amazing.